An international Nigerian born model for fashion, editorial, catalog/print, commercial, products, and promotional shoot.

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10 Items Every Woman Should Own In Her Closet

Every woman must have her own unique closet. This closet depends on her lifestyle, but still, the..
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40 Interesting Facts About Women

Women are mysterious, but the most amazing thing is that we do not know ourselves, you may..
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Gel Manicure Pros And Cons

Gel manicure has its own strengths and weaknesses, but it is impossible to deny that gel coating has..
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SIMI – Duduke (Official Video)

Simi releases official music video “Duduke”. This music video is trending in Nigeria as Simi surprises her fans with her…
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Coronavirus Disease (CONVID-19): Preventive Measures

Basic preventive measures against the new coronavirus disease (CONVID-19) Stay aware of the latest..
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How To Make Peppered Ponmo – Agathas Cuisine

Peppered “ponmo” is the spicy succulent cow skin that is prepared among the Yoruba and many others in ..
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Miss OGACA Beauty Pageant Ukraine 2019

How I won the first runner-up and People’s Choice Award among the 12 most beautiful women in my..
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9 Forbidden Places In The World You Are Not Allowed To Visit

There are lots of places to visit in the world but we still need to be careful where we visit, because there..
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Video Cover: Rotimi Love Riddim

Video Cover: Larry Gaaga ft. Wizkid Low

About Agatha

I'm a Nigerian born, a model, photographer, blogger, and architect. I have been able to combine my photography and knowledge of the world..
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