10 Reasons Why Some People Hate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day quickly burst into our lives. Even 20 years ago, lovers were calm about this holiday and did not focus on it. Today, February 14th is the day of chocolates, roses, cards with hearts and soft toys. On this day, they test their feelings for strength, make offers of hands and hearts, and for someone it really becomes unforgettable. We are looking into 10 reasons why some people hate valentine’s day.

But many consider Valentine’s Day a controversial and overrated holiday. Bright Side has listened to those who are annoyed by increased attention by February 14th. Here are 10 Reasons Why Some People Hate Valentine’s Day.

1. Rising prices

Valentine’s Day is a great occasion for sellers of flowers and souvenirs to raise prices for their goods. Of course, everything is sold out instantly, even faded flowers and dusty cupid figurines. Social obligations require congratulating not only a loved one, but also bringing postcards to colleagues, bringing sweets to bookkeeping, and not forgetting friends and neighbors. And what about the men who carry spectacular bouquets of roses, huge teddy bears and jewelry to their loved ones! They are definitely not thrilled.

The Americans began to celebrate Valentine’s Day before us, so they already have proven statistics on cash spending. According to the National Retail Federation, in 2020, total spending on the holiday amounted to $27.4 billion, up 32 percent from last year’s record of $20.7 billion.

2. Social networks go crazy

To get up at work in the morning at 7 o’clock, but at exactly 6:30 the telephone reminds of itself: the first congratulation came on the holiday. The day has begun. All social networks offer to congratulate friends with hearts, friends and girlfriends show off who has a bigger bouquet and brighter manicure – it literally becomes like a rehearsal on March 8th. And in the evening, a special chic – who has a better romantic dinner. Not a tape, but a solid vanity fair.

3. It’s hard to come up with the right gift

It seems that it is easy to choose a gift for Valentine’s Day because store shelves are bursting with an abundance of festive paraphernalia, but this is not so. To make a loved one happy and not to go broke is very difficult. For example, to come up with a gift for a man – that’s another trick. What to give to beloved? Shaving foam? Not yet February 23rd. Pullover? New Year has passed. Cufflinks Inexpensive ones look old-fashioned and cheap, and expensive ones do not pull salaries. With women’s gifts about the same story. Sometimes it’s easier to directly ask what she wants to receive as a gift than to think, guess and not, please. To come up with the right gift or get an absolutely inappropriate surprise – this is another reason for stress and unpleasant guilt.

4. It is foolish to set aside a special day for a declaration of love

As the poet wrote: “Lovers do not watch hours.” They also do not observe the change of dates in the calendar. They do not need beautiful gestures of generosity and attention. They love, are loved and are happy every day of the year. And they can be upset only because on February 14 all the places in the cafe will be occupied in the evening, but they will not get used to walking under the moon. Therefore, this holiday, marked on the calendar with a red heart, they do not need.

5. Unable to enter the beauty salon

The usual schedule of haircuts and manicures in early February is violated. It’s impossible to register in a beauty salon at this time: there are no empty seats, and if there are, then at a very inconvenient time. I didn’t take care in advance – go until February 14 with regrown roots and without a manicure. Of course, one can live, but such a situation does not add to positive.

6. High expectations face reality

Social responsibility requires not only giving gifts but also following evening traditions – a romantic dinner, a beautiful dress, a hairstyle. And after a working day, instead of comfortable slippers, you have to put on heels and think about how not to stain your dress with something, and it takes a lot of time to prepare a festive dinner. The result is a mountain of dirty dishes, fatigue, and no romance.

There is a simple way out – a restaurant, but it will be crowded, it will not be possible to choose a convenient table, you will have to listen to the buzz of others’ voices in the background, the music may seem too loud or even unpleasant … In general, the choice is not for everyone.

7. Children get the wrong idea of ​​love

In this turmoil, adults completely forgot about the children. And what are they? And they carry tons of cardboard hearts to school, which, again, delight marketers and sellers. All-day, love mail works in schools, someone declares love to someone and offers friendship. But after all, all this turns into a desire only to create the appearance of friendship or love, because in the world of teenagers only loser does not receive attention signs on Valentine’s Day. The meaning of the word “love” is reduced to the level of postcard hearts and turns into an attraction. And most importantly, children begin to think that this is the only special day of the year for the celebration of love.

8. An unstable relationship is broken on this day.

Someone on this day thinks about the pros and cons of their relationship. And if such a counter has already turned on in your head, then the cons will certainly outweigh. “They lived happily ever after” – the expression is no longer about this pair. William Chopik , a sociologist at the University of Michigan, says that if the relationship has exhausted itself, then even Valentine’s Day will not change anything. For some, this day becomes the moment of summing up, and if there are no feelings in a pair, then the romance of the holiday does not bring the partners together. Many couples with a weak affection for each other break up that day. Fortunately, this turn of events can be an important milestone in the realization of oneself and one’s needs. This will help to draw the right conclusions and stay on track in the future.

9. Unnecessary attention from strangers

How annoying is it when someone is constantly distracting when there is a lot of unnecessary noise around when too many strangers are talking to you for no reason: taxi drivers, sellers, a passer-by, stepping on his foot: “Girl, happy holiday!” But you won’t grumble at the answer is something obscure. So precious time is lost, and you get involved in the celebration of what you do not want to celebrate. Lonely people on this day especially feel sadness, irritation, emptiness, and dissatisfaction with their own lives.

10. Valentine’s Day does not change anything in life

This is a normal day of the week, unremarkable and meaningless. This opinion also has the right to exist. Valentine’s Day is not about love, but rather about signs of attention: someone has fewer them, someone has more, but it absolutely does not mean anything. After February 14th, February 15th will come, and the Earth will not leave its orbit.

These are the 10 Reasons Why Some People Hate Valentine’s Day and we have listed not all of them. In addition, the same person, depending on the circumstances, may have a different attitude to this holiday: today it can be ignored for a number of reasons, and after a year you can wait with a sinking heart. But pleasant words and signs of attention are a good antidepressant, and Valentine’s Day is a new, but a romantic holiday. And let no reasons and circumstances prevent you from being loved and loving!

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      Im glad you loved it…Thanks for taking out time to read

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