10 Stylish Ways To Wear Silk Scarf

For years, stylists, bloggers, and fashion experts have been telling us ways to wear outfits. When you wear a stylish silk scarf is seems like you are old-fashioned.

If we carefully look at what they consider the most backward, old-fashioned, stupid, rural and funny.

The tip “add a stylish silk scarf” was a kind of meme. There was no worse fashionable sin than tying hair with a folded scarf. It looked so artificial, already smashed with mothballs.

Grandma’s kerchief


Bag Accessory

silk scarf

Wrist Wrap

outfit detail

Neck Knot



stylish silk scarf


stylish silk scarf

CowBoy Bib


Lop Tie

stylish silk scarf


silk scarf

The Loosey Goosey

silk scarf

And all these were just ideas in order to make a small color accent with a scarf. But in fact, a large and bright scarf can become the main character of the image!

Boring one-color dress? The suit is good, but already a little tired? Do you want something incredible, wow effect and not for all the money in the world? Here are some ideas wherein the main role, His Majesty, a large stylish silk scarf!

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