15 Interesting Facts About Valentine’s Day You Must Know

On the holiday of all lovers, most people have thoughts focused on romance, pleasant little things, and gifts. Valentine’s Day is not only for cute red cards in the shape of hearts. We will learn 15 most interesting facts about valentine’s day you must know.


Sometimes it’s useful to ignore a little amorous euphoria and learn something new and unfamiliar about Valentine’s Day.

I will tell you more about this date, here are the 15 most interesting facts about valentine’s day you must know.

1. Valentine’s Day is not only Valentine’s Day. February 14 is celebrated as the International Book Donation Day, Computer Day, the beginning of Lent at Western Christians, the founding of YouTube and Mental Health Day. On this day, the Germans adorn the hospitals with scarlet ribbons, and in the chapels, they hold a service.

2. Valentine is one of the first Christian preachers. He secretly married the military, whom the Roman emperor Julius Claudius II did not allow to marry. After that, Valentina was taken into custody and subsequently executed on February 14.

3. The author of the first valentine is the French Duke Carl of Orleans, who was in prison in 1415 in solitary confinement. It was there that he decided to fight boredom by writing love letters to his wife. And to this day, everyone can be convinced of this – the note is stored in the British Museum.

4. Valentine’s Day is also a holiday for animals and every year on this day, more than nine million people purchase gifts for their pets.

5. The most expensive valentine gift was made by order of Aristotle Onassis and it consisted of pure gold, emeralds, and diamonds. The gift wrapping was no less luxurious – Onassis ordered the Valentine to be wrapped in a mink coat. The Greek billionaire expressed his feelings for his beloved – the opera diva Maria Callas with this. The valentine’s gift costed approximately $ 300,000 at the prices of the 60s.

6. In the nineteenth century, psychiatrists prescribed chocolate to their patients suffering from unrequited love and Richard Kalbury invented the first box of chocolates.

7. The most comprehensive Valentine’s card was created at the crosswalk in Chengdu in China. This declaration of love was addressed to all residents of the city, and there were as many as 14 million, not counting tourists.

8. By the number of sales, valentines are in second place in popularity after Christmas cards. Most often, women buy cards for their second half.

9. Most valentines are anonymously written from right to left or left-handed and have no return address. All this only adds to the mystery.

10. The number of roses given to your loved one on Valentine’s Day also of particular importance. In Taiwan, men express their feelings solely with flowers and only roses. One rose means a sign of attention and congratulations, two roses mean an apology, 12 roses – a proposal for marriage, 36 roses – a declaration of true love, and a hundred roses – a marriage proposal.

11. It is on Valentine’s Day that the most offerings of hands and hearts take place.

12. An unusual way to make a declaration of love is to give a tomato. In France, it was called the Pomm de amour – the apple of love. The tomato received such a nickname for a good reason, as a passionate Frenchmen believed that the tomato can speak the language of love. Tomato has always been a symbol of the human heart. There are even some varieties in shape resembling a heart. There is a belief that if you make a salad from such tomatoes and feed them to your lover then he will lose his head from love.

13. In Saudi Arabia, Valentine’s Day celebration is strictly prohibited because it promotes sexual licentiousness. And for this celebration, heavy fines are imposed.

14.  In Korea, people without a couple who have not received a gift for Valentine’s Day go to a restaurant for single people and eat black noodles there to mourn their loneliness.

15. In the Netherlands, on this day a woman can go up to a man she likes and offer to marry her. If a man refuses then he must give her a silk dress in return. 

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