20 Self-Improvement Tips For 2021

Today I will tell you about 20 effective self improvement tips that will help you improve, develop, get to know yourself and your hidden capabilities in this new year 2021. I will say right away that these tips are not a dry theory that was just taken from peoples experiences, but my experience, my knowledge, my research and what I have tested on myself. A couple of years ago, I thought about self-development, how I could start a new life, become better, and reach a qualitatively new level. That’s when I found this 20 self improvement tips.

20 Self-Improvement Tips

  1. sleep less.

    Scientists have proved that a person needs not more than 6 hours of healthy sleep for proper rest. While most people sleep for 8-10 hours, they wake up feeling tired and heavy. The main thing is not the quantity of sleep, but its quality. You can sleep for 12 to 14 hours, but you will still feel unsatisfactory. Regime is the first thing that you must develop in yourself. I used to sleep when I wanted to, then I came across an article, that the most optimal hours for sleep are from 21-00 to 01-00. It is then that the brain enters a special phase and the whole body rests as much as possible. I taught myself to go to bed 23:00 or earlier waking up by 5am in the morning. This time is enough for me to get enough sleep and actively spend the whole day. Now imagine that you will sleep not 8, but 6 hours every day. This saves 14 hours per week, and 60 per month. You will save 730 hours per year, which equals a whole month. Just imagine, you will have a whole extra month, which you can use much more useful than just sleeping.

  2. Get used to the inconvenience.

    Giving up benefits is the key to self-improvement. Every aspect of physical and spiritual growth occurs outside of your comfort zone. So be fearless sometimes. Find the courage to take risks on what you think is right. Head where there are no guarantees. Work harder and fill your day, even if it causes some discomfort.

  3. Set priorities In life.

    There are always important things that need priority attention, and somethings secondary, which is not worth worrying about in the first place. As a rule, we often interchange these concepts and do not pay enough attention to important things at all. We are eternally chasing something big, without understanding what it is to us. And when we receive it, we realize that it is absolutely not what we wanted. And again we set ourselves false goals, therefore we do what we do in order to achieve these goals. Now I’m talking about a job that you absolutely don’t like. Steve Jobs said: “Every morning ask yourself if this was the last day of my life, what would I plan to do today. And when the answer is negative for several days in a row, then think about the fact that it’s time to change something. ” Many may argue that if I do what I like, where do I get the money? how do I earn? Look, the biggest money is earned not by those who work, but the one who simply enjoy a high-paying hobby. Sergey Brin, once said: “Money has never been important to us. We did what we really liked. I am very pleased that this has brought us good fortune in the future. One advice if you want to develop and improve or want to be better? Prioritize, do what you love.  

  4. Look for happiness in your soul.

    Choice, not circumstance, determines our happiness. It does not hover somewhere in the air or wait for us. It is in our heart. Every morning when you open your eyes, say to yourself: “I, and not someone else, have the opportunity to make myself happy or unhappy. The decision is mine. Yesterday is over, but tomorrow has not come yet. I have just today and I’m going to be happy today.”

  5. Stimulate Yourself to Positive thoughts.

    Positive thinking and an a clear vision of the world is another important aspect of human development. Remember that positive thought has tremendous power, it is creative, and it creates us. Also, remember your state of mind when you met a friend whom you have not seen for a long time, or when you learned about some joyful event. These are wonderful emotions, bright, and pure. Now remember the most negative ones: anger, envy, resentment, desire for revenge, and hatred. Even when you read these words inside it becomes uncomfortable. Therefore, you need to learn to think positively.

  6. Think for yourself.

    Unfounded beliefs are the enemy of our personal truth. Don’t let anyone destrupt freedom of your mind. The best thing you can do for yourself is to have your head on your shoulders; you are unique, independent, and free to choose.

  7. Take Time Each Morning.

    You should make it a habit to spend about an hour each morning on yourself. I’m not talking about showering or other hygiene procedures. No! you have to wake up, think about yourself, about your plans for the day, for a month, for a year, for life in general. Imagine, visualizing how you achieve your goals. Personally, I started practicing meditation, and it helped me a lot to structure my thoughts, and overcome internal dialogue. Put on a calm music, gain strength, realize that you are an endless source of possibilities. Or how was it before? The alarm clock rings, you jump up, you are late, you quickly wash your face, get dressed on the go and grab something to eat. The day begins with chaos, this is how it goes on and the whole life goes in a hurry, not understanding where and why we are running. Why not sleep less and devote part of the time to yourself, you will definitely learn to live in peace, enjoy the moment now. Learn to analyze your actions, thoughts, judgments, and desires. This is a very big step towards the beginning of self-improvement.

  8. Communicate more.

    Remember that the quality of life also depends on your communication with other people. Try to communicate more, learn from their experience and knowledge. If there is an opportunity to attend a lecture of some famous person, then go out there. Always learn new things, always try to discover unprecedented horizons for yourself. Communication with other people is necessary, but also pay attention to communicating with yourself. If you are confident in yourself and your strengths, you are set for a positive result, then you will definitely achieve what you have in mind.  

  9. Smile.

    Whoever you talk to, no matter how you talk (by phone or live), always smile. I’m not saying that it should be a feigned Hollywood smile, but you should smile sweetly, making it clear to the interactor about your good and positive mood. If you smile at a person, he will also smile back. Sometimes it’s so nice when you’re on the bus and you see a sad girl at the bus stop. And in an instant she looks at you, you smile sweetly at her, she smiles back at you and that’s it. You may never see each other again, but the feelings remain wonderful.  

  10. Have a notebook always at hand.

    You ask why? Everything is very simple. When you are positive, open to the world, want to develop and improve, then incredible ideas will begin to come to your life, and into your head. Perhaps you want to start your own business, or improve your existing one. Think about it for several days, and now, while riding in the subway, at some overcrowded station, when everyone is pushing and humming, you indulge in yourself, in your thoughts and experiences. And it is at this moment that a brilliant idea comes in. What do we have to do? That’s right, write it down. And how to write it down if there is no notebook and pen in the bag? You can never predict the course of your brilliant ideas. Therefore, you must always be prepared for the fact that they will come in an unusual place and at the strangest time. Write down everything you think about, everything that comes to mind. I always have a notebook in my bedroom on the dresser so that when I wake up I can write down my dreams. Very often in a dream there are interesting moments, re-reading which I can start thinking, fantasizing, thinking something out. Very useful thing, take note.

  11. Planning Every Sunday evening.

    Do not devote to entertainment shows, or watching TV with beer and chips, but planning. Analyze all that you have done in the week, praise yourself, thank God (no matter what you call this power) for help, think over plans and tasks for the next week. You do not need to write down a clear plan, set specific tasks. Just define for yourself what you should do, when, and most importantly why. If something goes wrong, and your plans for the week are partially not fulfilled, then you should not be upset. If you made every effort, and did not lay on your bed for 7 days, then everything is fine, everything happened as it should.  

  12. Laugh every morning.

    Someone advised to induce artificial laughter and laugh in front of the mirror. Honestly, I couldn’t do it at all, and I looked stupid when I tried. But there was another way. I have several playlists that makes me smile, and they are associated with something positive. Every morning I turn them on, dance, laugh and rejoice. You ask, why laugh? Quite simply, laughter triggers many beneficial chemical reactions in our body, which lead us to a wonderful and joyful state. Laughter also brings the body into balance.

  13. Focus on the main goal, not the end result.

    Old and wise Rockefeller said: “If your ultimate goal is money, then you will never have it.” In other words, you shouldn’t focus on money as a result of your work. Have broader goals. Do what you do for the benefit of society and specific people. Here I immediately recalled an interview with Mark Zuckerberg, who said that their goal was not to make money, they just wanted to help students communicate, make their communication more accessible and faster.
    What happened as a result? The largest social network in the world, and Mark became the youngest billionaire at 23. And even now he says that he did not think and does not think about money. Its goal is to improve Facebook, make communication between people even easier and more accessible. You ask, what about money? If you are doing what you love, you are not doing it out of a desire to just make money, then the money will come, of course, and there will be just enough to satisfy all your needs.  

  14. Take steps in the right direction.

    Every day there are hundreds of chances to steer your life in the direction you want. When was the last time you woke up and realized that this could be the best day of your life?
    Start dreaming today! Take one small step forward, there are many opportunities outside the window for you. Remember, success is what you feel when you make the right choice. It is not something that you can have, it is something that you achieve.

  15. Try, fail, but try again and again.

    Follow this rule and move forward, even if the path becomes difficult. One of the reasons for constant failure is the habit of giving up everything after the first defeat.
    Falls and defeats temper us. But it is important to fall and rise in order to make new attempts.

  16. Overcome your fears.

    How you deal with your fears will ultimately determine where you go and what happens to your life: make the most of life.
    Despite the fact that fear may seem strong, although it destroys people more than anything else on Earth, it is not as strong as it seems. Fear is as deep as your mind allows it. Keep it in check. Admitting fear and sending it away is the best solution. You must take the first step and deal with the fear one-on-one. Such tactics will rob him of his power.

  17. Practice at least small acts of courtesy.

    If you have ambitious plans that can have a big impact on the lives of many, that’s fine, but don’t let them get in the way of the little “good deeds” you do for those around you. While you wait for the moment when you can do something big for everyone, Do something small for at least someone, you find than nothing at all.

  18. Track and “measure” your progress.

    You are always moving towards something, but only you can decide where you are going. Don’t let someone else decide this. From where you are now, you can go anywhere. From every small corner there is a path. What matters now is your next step.
    Decide what you really want for yourself and your loved ones and remember that there is a road there and you can start your journey right now. When your intentions and actions have a specific goal, every step you take will bring you closer to achieving it.

  19. Avoid negative people.

    As Jim Rohn says,
    “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”.
    Wherever we go, there are bound to be negative people. Don’t spend too much of your time around them if you feel they drag you down.

  20. It’s ok to be work in progress.

    If you don’t have everything figured out at this moment it’s okay. In fact, it’s completely normal and you have nothing to worry or freak out about. I say this because you are a work in progress, we all are but that just mean we are not done yet. In other words, you still have time and more room to improve in youself.

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