40 Interesting Facts About Women


Women are mysterious, but the most amazing thing is that we do not know ourselves, you may not agree with this but somethings will blow your mind. Perhaps from these 40 interesting facts about women, you too will learn something unexpected about yourself or your woman!

1. It is estimated that the average woman stores in the bathroom more than four hundred different bottles, brushes, boxes, tubes, jars, and other small things. And she often buys new ones, having not yet fully used the old ones.

2. Women in Niger have an average of 7 children, the highest rate in the world.

3. While the man blinks once, the woman waves her eyelashes twice. So the expression “popping eyes” was most likely coined about her.

4. Every month a woman loses 250 ml of blood – more than a glass. And for a lifetime – more than 100 liters!

5. During a handshake, a woman does not squeeze the interlocutor’s hand, but simply submits him to take the initiative.

6. Under one very old Colorado law, a man has no right to kiss a sleeping woman, even if it is his wife. Otherwise, he may face prosecution.

7. The average British woman has 19 pairs of shoes but wears only 7.

8. But the Hong Kong wives can, on completely legal grounds, kill the “cheating” spouses. True, with an important amendment: without the use of any improvised means. That is, with a knife or poison – no, no, but strangle with only one hand – please.

9. 40% of births in the United States are for single women.

10. Ask the fair sex to show you her hands – and she will almost always turn them with her palms down. Probably, she subconsciously strives for you to appreciate the beauty and grace of her brushes.

11. The 20 richest women in the world inherited money from their father or husband.

12. If you call a man, he will turn around at the call of the whole body. But the woman just turns her head. And here you do not have to rummage in the depths of the subconscious: just the woman’s cervical spine is more flexible.

13. Women have more taste buds than men.

14. Paradox: when a woman’s hands are free, she feels “constrained,” that is, uncertainly. Perhaps women’s love for miniature handbags, folding umbrellas, fans, and other little things is explained by this.

15. On average, women cry 30-64 times a year (that is, about once a week), and men 6-17 times.

16. 2/3 of women hate soap and sincerely believe that washing with it is a sure way to ruin the skin. A controversial fact that manufacturers of cosmetics are eagerly adopting.

17. Women pronounce about 20 thousand words a day, and men – only 7 thousand.

18. Most women are extremely insecure. Only 9% openly admit their attractiveness, while 91% are constantly not happy with something. 24% consider their appearance to be “ordinary”; in extreme cases, they call themselves pretty. In a year, women spend 120 hours or five whole days in front of a mirror. Only 2% of women consider themselves beautiful.

19. Women spend almost a year of their lives thinking “what to wear.”
Over her life, a woman “eats” at least 2-3 kg of lipstick.

20. One of the best examples of fidelity in history was shown by a resident of the medieval city besieged by Conrad III. The conqueror graciously allowed the women to leave, taking with them what they consider most valuable. Without thinking twice, the women were hoisted on the shoulders of their own husbands.

21. According to psychologists, it is very easy to achieve a woman’s confidence: it is enough to embrace her in a friendly manner for some 20 seconds.

22. Women really can love with their ears, because their auditory sensations far exceed visual ones. And they also have a very developed sense of touch.

23. The female heart is 20% less than the male, and the brain is 10% less. Nevertheless, a woman’s heart also beats faster than a man’s. But this absolutely does not mean anything.

24. There is no hint of attracting male attention to women’s swaying hips when walking. The effect comes from the fact that women have wider pelvic bones.

25. All women in the world earn $ 18 trillion, and spend $ 28 trillion!

26. From the process of speaking a woman gets real pleasure. Even a special section of her brain is responsible for this. In general, women are three times more talkative than men. True, they compensate for talkativeness with a masterly listening ability compared to men

27. A third of families in Russia are single mothers.

28. Every year in Russia, women give birth to about 1.8 million children and undergo about 6 million abortions. That is, in one birth there are about three abortions.

29. British scientists have found that the average woman 17 years of her life is on a diet.

30. Men are on average 12 cm taller than women and weigh 14 kg more on average.

31. For a woman’s life, on average, 450 menstrual cycles go through (in the past this indicator was three times less – due to frequent pregnancies and prolonged breastfeeding).

32. Equestrian sport is the only Olympic sport in which men and women perform together and are ranked the same.

33. Women live longer than men, partly because their immune systems age more slowly. The average life expectancy of women in Russia is 77 years, and men are only 66 years old, which is 11 years less.

34. Mortality from acute myocardial infarction among women is 9%, and among men – 4%. This is because women tend to tolerate symptoms longer without going to the doctor.

35. Israel is the only country in the world where women are called up for military service.

36. The pain threshold in women is lower than in men. In other words. Men tend to endure pain longer in order to look more courageous. At the same time, European men are less tolerant of pain than, for example, Libyan ones.

37. In Russia, there are 10 million more women than men (according to 2017). That is, 1,158 women account for one thousand men. Interestingly, at the time of conception, there are 125 boys per 100 girls.

38. The UAE has the largest gender imbalance in the world – for 219 men in the country, there are only 100 women.

39. In Cambodia, the youngest age for marriage is set for girls – from 13 years old (16 years for boys). The highest age at which marriage is allowed is valid in China – 22 years for boys and 20 years for girls

40. And finally, almost a quarter of women would like to become men …

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