5 Ways To Spend Valentine’s Day Single Or Alone

Do you think that Valentine’s Day was invented in order to once again remind you of your single or alone status? Well, I don’t think so! While the girls in love are fantasizing about upcoming romantic dates, figure out 5 ways to spend valentine’s day single or alone.

Get a full bath of water with bubbles of foam and add some wine, candles and a good book

What could be better than this? Perhaps only the presence of a specially trained person to serve you grapes and soufflé. But that will do. Choose one of these chic themed bath bombs and add festive sparkle.

Invite yourself to dinner


I know this sounds scary, but it will be the best date of your life. Think about it. No one will blame you for ordering.

Therefore, you can start with a dessert, and then switch to tasting several dishes from the best varieties of wine. Yes Yes.

Go to the cinema

I’m serious…

On Valentine’s Day, I will go to the cinema to watch “50 Shades of Freedom”. And I will watch the couples, of which only 50% really wanted to see this film. I mean, 50% of each pair.

Yes, these selfish females 50% who dragged their guys to this execution. That is all that interests me in this session. Don’t mind my interests, they may seem awkward…(Kidding)

Make a festive meal


I’ll be honest – I’m a good cook.

But from time to time I like to experiment with the new menu that I found on Pinterest (obviously, where else?), And I would like to do this without worrying that anyone else besides me could suffer from food poisoning.

However, Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to include my favorite Spotify playlist and generously splash into a glass of wine.

Enjoy the Netflix Marathon from your favorite romantic comedies

This is definitely my favorite idea.

I already have a list of movies specifically for Valentine’s Day stored in the Netflix lineup. All that remains to be done is to buy your favorite ice cream (let’s skip the weather part) and put on comfortable pajamas.

Voila! An ideal closed party can be considered open!

You are not required to spend Valentine’s Day in anguish and sadness just because you do not have a couple. Get out of bed, get dressed and enjoy these 5 ways to spend valentine’s day single or alone something nice for yourself.

Because self-love is the only love you can be sure of! If you missed out on our last post-visit and see you in our next post ..

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