9 Forbidden Places In The World You Are Not Allowed To Visit

There are lots of places to visit in the world but we still need to be careful where we visit, because there are places that are not advisable to go visit. Here are 9 Forbidden Places In The World You’re Not Allowed To Visit.


North Sentinel Island, India

There is a tribe called Sentinelese that lives here, and they are reluctant to travelers and tourists. I f you are seen traveling to this Island, the local tribe is bound to retaliate to you. According to the laws, traveling to this island is prohibited.

Snake Island, Brazil

This island is right off Brazil’s shore. There are five snakes every square meter and nothing is fascinating about it even for the snake lovers. Some of these snakes are vicious and poisonous creatures, and thus, you can’t rest on this island, no matter what.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Norway

This is a seed bank in Norway. It stores the samples of different crops from different corners of the world. The seed vault is an attempt to ensure against the loss of seeds in other genebanks during large scale regional or global crises. If you are a traveler who wishes to visit this place you are not allowed anywhere near the location. Not just you – no one is allowed here.

Vatican Secret Archives, Vatican

It is the central repository in the vatican city for all of the acts promulgated by the holy see and owned by the pope until he dies or resigns. He then passes the ownership to the next successor. The archives contain the state papers, correspondence, papal account books, and many other documents that the church has accumulated over the centuries.

Area 51, Nevada, US

It is the United States Air Force facility that’s situated right within the Nevada test and training range. You are not allowed to visit. However, the surrounding area called the Extraterrestial highway is quite a popular tourist attraction. The intense secrecy surrounding the base has made it the frequent subject of conspiracy theories and a central component of UFO folklore.

Tomb of the Qin Shi Huang, China

No matter how beautiful it looks, you are not supposed to be a part of this location at all. There is an army of warriors made of clay, protecting the tomb of Qin Shi Huang, who tooh his last breath in 210 BC. The government wants to maintain respect for the elders, and thus, it ensures nobody gets near the location.

Poveglia Island, Italy

This island is situated between Lido and Venice and is prohibited for any visit by the tourists. There was a time when it was used to exile the victims of the plague. It is said to be one of the most haunted locations around the globe, as 50% of its soil still has the remains of humans.

Bhangrah Fort, India

It is said to be a haunted location. Some people hear the ringing of a woman’s anklets, while the others see a phantom passing from one corner to the other. Due to the haunting stories, the government has banned people from visiting the same, after the sunset.

Lascaux Caves, France

This complex series of caves, located in Northwestern France, is home to over 600 parietal wall paintings. The paintings represent primarily large animals, and the age of the paintings is estimated at around 17,000 years. However, since 2008, the caves have been completely closed off to the public following a fungal outbreak.

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