Body Shape For Women – Wardrobe Outfits, Types, & Measurements

An Imperfect body shape does not exist for women, but if you want your outfits to skillfully emphasize your body shapes, and want to know your shape type, and how to determine your measurements.

This article is for you! Read below and know your body type and find yourself the perfect wardrobe outfits.


The type of body shapes for women can be recognized by measuring body proportions. There are 5 main types of body shapes. They depend on the structure of the skeleton, the distribution of fat mass and muscle shape.


As well as the proportions between the shoulders, chest, waist, and hips. 

1. Rectangle  – approximately the same volume of the waist, chest and hips.

2. Inverted triangle  – shoulders and bust are wider than hips.

3. Hourglass  – narrow waist, the same volume of the chest, and hips.

4. Apple  – approximately the same volume of the waist, chest, and hips with a smooth line.

5. Pear  – narrow shoulders, wide hips.


Why do you need to know your body type? Everything is simple! To be able to choose an outfit individually for your figure. Emphasize strengths, hide weaknesses, look, and feel confident.

For us women to find our body shapes we need to take the measuring tape, and remove 3 parameters:

How to measure women for body shapes
  1. Hips. We determine by their widest part, we keep the centimeter tape parallel to the floor.
  2. Waist. Determined by the narrowest part, the stomach should be relaxed.
  3. Chest. We determine the volume using a regular bra, without pads and push-ups. We focus on the most convex point of the chest. Do not forget to keep the tape parallel to the floor!

Now you have a more accurate idea of ​​your options. Determine the type of figure:

  • When the volume of the chest and hips is the same or the difference is not more than 4 cm, and the waist is much smaller (20-30 cm), then your figure is  HOURGLASS.
  • If you have slender legs, and your waist, stomach, and chest are much larger than your hips, then your figure is APPLE.
  • When you do not have a pronounced waist, and the volume of your hips and chest is approximately the same, then your figure is a RECTANGULAR.
  • If you have narrow hips, broad shoulders and a chest volume greater than the high volume, then your figure is a TRIANGLE.
  • When you have small breasts, wide hips, and a narrow waist, then your figure is PEAR.


This type of body shape for women is characterized by a narrow upper body, small breasts, wide hips. The waist is usually narrow, sometimes understated, very pronounced. The pear has feminine reeds and a flat stomach. Women with this type of figure have a thin beautiful neck, model cheekbones, and enviable collarbones.

Regardless of completeness, this type of figure is retained. Fat is deposited mainly in the hips and buttocks. The fuller the pear girl, the more pronounced her figure is. The main thing for the pear, with any fullness, is to maintain posture. So the proportions of the body will always look smooth and natural.

In clothes, it is important to select accents that emphasize the roundness of the hips and a thin waist. Expanded skirts, flared trousers, fitted shirts, jackets, cardigans, and dresses with ruffles on the chest will create a light, exciting, and stylish look for you. To correctly balance the figure, it is recommended to wear blouses with voluminous sleeves and shoulder pads.

Will fit

  • Fitted outerwear, trapeze coat.
  • Any fitted clothes with false shoulders (coats, jackets, jackets).
  • Blouses, tops and T-shirts with bare shoulders, sleeveless or with a wide neckline.
  • A-line skirt or pencil.
  • Dark trousers or straight-cut jeans.
  • Pants or jeans, expanding down.

Not fit

  • Baggy outerwear, long coats, straight cut.
  • Tops or blouses with a neckline, turtlenecks.
  • Bright massive belts on the hips.
  • Tight-fitting trousers or pipe-trousers, especially in light colors or with a bright print.
  • Pants or jeans with decorative elements on pockets or waistband, puffy skirts, flared skirts.
  • Pants or skirts with a lot of weighting elements: lace, ruffles, folds.


Hourglass is a standard body shape for women. It is also called the X-type. This type of figure is considered to be a model. Regardless of the full or slim owner of the X-type, almost any clothes on her will look beautiful.

With a voluminous breast and buttocks, the hourglass waist is always narrow. Now it is extremely popular, even with extra centimeters, all because the upper and lower part of the X-type looks perfect.

Will fit

Almost everything. The figure is most favorably emphasized:

  • The fitted silhouettes.
  • Blouses, coats, raincoats, and belts.
  • V-shaped or round neckline on blouses and dresses.
  • Pencil skirt or a-line.
  • High-rise jeans and trousers.
  • Waist belt as an accessory.

Not fit

  • Baggy clothes hiding the silhouette.
  • Outerwear of direct cut.
  • High or low waist dresses or blouses.
  • Jeans or pants with a low rise.


Girls with this type of figure are lucky to have slender legs and a neckline “to the envy of everyone.” Experts note that many women of the royal families had this particular type of figure. The smoothness of the lines from the shoulders to the hips will look majestic, with the right wardrobe.

Bright makeup, a bold neckline, and open legs divert attention from the voluminous waist.

Will fit

  • A trapeze coat, outerwear with an A-silhouette (narrow in the chest and expanding downwards).
  • Blouses or tops with a V-neck.
  • Dresses with an A-line.
  • Flared trousers and jeans with voluminous pockets.
  • Clothing with large details (frills, patterns, draperies) below the line of the hips.
  • Plainclothes with vertical tucks.

Not fit

  • Tight-fitting or baggy clothing.
  • Tops and blouses without sleeves, with a neckline or tie over the neck.
  • Turtlenecks, short tops.
  • Clothing with a bright print, frills, decorative elements on the shoulders, and stomach.
  • Skinny pants, trousers, and jeans with no pockets or low rise.
  • Tight skirts, pencil skirt.


For this type of body shape for women, the shoulders, waist, and hips are approximately equal. Most female rectangles tend to be overweight. Moreover, they have very developed muscle and therefore, there is no problem with losing weight when doing sports.

Rectangles suffer from a lack of waist and protruding abdomen. It is easy to hide with clothing. Thick materials and straight silhouettes emphasize your dignity.

Will fit

  • Fitted outerwear, coat with belt.
  • Tops on thin straps, blouses with sleeves flashlight.
  • Blazers or outerwear with a straight line of shoulders.
  • Dresses without straps.
  • A-line skirt, or skirt with slit.
  • Tight pants or jeans with a medium or low rise.
  • Classic straight trousers or capris.

Not fit

  • Baggy or oversized clothing.
  • Clothes that open the abdomen excessively.
  • Direct styles of outerwear or dress.
  • T-shirts, sleeveless tops, or tops with a neckline, turtlenecks.
  • Leggings, pencil skirts.


Usually, this type of body shape for women is observed in athletes and dancers. Broad shoulders, large breasts, a wide waist and narrow hips are clear signs of a triangle. The legs of female triangles are always slim.

Of course, with the help of a properly selected wardrobe, you can balance the silhouette. It is better to abandon the drapery and flowing lines. A clear contour and straight cut – emphasize your athleticism.

Will fit

  • Trapeze coat.
  • Square, V- or U-shaped cuts on dresses, tops or blouses.
  • Pants or jeans with a low rise.
  • Dresses or tops with a peplum (frill below the waist).
  • Wide massive straps on the hips.
  • A-line skirts, with odor, with pleats or bulky pockets.

Not fit

  • Long straight coats, baggy outerwear.
  • Tops or blouses with a wide neck boat.
  • Bright volume sweaters or jumpers.
  • Clothes with false shoulders.
  • Blouses or jackets with magnificent sleeves.
  • Dark straight trousers or jeans, leggings.
  • Pencil skirt or ankle-length.

If you know which styles are more suitable for your type of body shape, then it will be much easier to decide on purchases in an online store or an ordinary store. You will save time, get tired less, pick up the perfect wardrobe and go to a meeting with relatives and loved ones in a better mood in a brand new dress or trousers and a skirt!I hope you love this article on body shapes for women, leave a comment below on what you think.

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