Dehydrated skin: Symptoms and Treatments

People confuse dry and dehydrated skin. However, these are two completely different concepts. Moreover, oily and combination skin can suffer from a lack of moisture. And in all three cases, the face needs its own care. We look into the rules with a beautician. 


Dehydrated skin can be caused if it does not contain enough water, and also can not retain moisture. It is important to understand that any type of skin can be dehydrated, and it is quite simple to check: you need to pinch your face. If after this there is no trace left on the skin, then everything is in order. If wrinkles, creases or redness remain after the pinch, then this is a clear signal of a lack of moisture.

Another fact: dehydration manifests itself differently depending on the type of skin. So, oily skin reacts to a lack of water by increased release of sebum, and dry skin, on the contrary, begins to peel off, becomes very sensitive.

Why does the skin become dehydrated

The causes of moisture loss can be attributed to many factors. Age plays a significant role, because the older the person, the less hyaluronic acid the body secrete. It affects the skin condition and drinking regimen, a large number of hours spent in the sun, as well as unbalanced or aggressive care. 

Dehydrated Skin Care  

If you have a  dry skin type, then, first of all, you should do its moisturizing. Components such as hyaluronic acid and aloe vera work best with this. You should also make up for the lack of sebum, for example, using vegetable oils (for example, jojoba, shea, argan). To cleanse such a skin, it is necessary to use only mild products: milk or cleansing creams.  

Oily but dehydrated skin has its own problems: she has enough of her own sebum, but there are no other components that protect the skin from moisture loss. Therefore, care for such skin should be moisturizing, but light and not clogging pores (this is usually indicated on the package of beauty products). Among the oils, it is better to choose those that regulate the production of sebum (apricot, almond, jojoba). The best cleansers are those that have exfoliating properties, and also relieve dead skin particles and regulate the production of sebum.

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