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I will be showing a very easy way to make Bitter leaf soup. Bitter leaf is a Nigerian recipe very common in the eastern part of Nigeria, mostly common in Anambra state.


bitter leaf soup recipe

2 Cooking Spoon Palm oil

Assorted meats (Beef, goat meat, Ponmo, Shaki are ideal)

3 Cup Bitter leaves (Fresh or Dried)

1 cup Cocoyam powder (Ede)

2 Smoked Fish (Optional)

2-3 Stock fish (Optional)

3-4 Tablespoons Ground Crayfish

2 Ogiri Okpei wraps

2 Scotch Bonnet blended

2 Maggi Cubes

Salt to taste


  1. Before you cook your Bitter leaf wash well, such that there is no trace of bitterness left or boil it for about 15 minutes and wash in cold water.
  2. Boil the assorted meat till it’s soft to chew, add your stock fish, crayfish and dry fish cook till they are well done, add two Maggi cubes Then set aside
  3. Add palm oil, ground pepper and salt, Cocoyam powder and ogiri to taste.
  4. Cover the pot and leave to cook on high heat till all the cocoyam powder have dissolved. You can add more water if you feel that the soup is too thick.
  5. Add your Bitter leaves, cover and allow to cook for about 3mins. Stir together and your soup is ready.

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