Gel Manicure Pros And Cons

Gel manicure has its own strengths and weaknesses, but it is impossible to deny that gel coating has been and remains the main nail trend of recent years.

There are several pros and cons to why gel manicure has become the first nail trend of recent years.

  • It lasts on nails for a very long time, pleases with an elegant glossy shine. It’s presented in the list of services of any beauty salon.
  • Gel polishes consist of more persistent substances than ordinary ones.
  • And fit tightly in the nail plate so as not to break off for weeks,” says Essie brand leading nail artist Rita Remarque.
  • The gel coating undergoes mandatory processing under the light of an LED lamp, while ordinary varnish dries out by itself in air.

“You will spend from 10 to 15 minutes (preferably with a special solution) to remove the gel, while a few minutes to remove the usual varnish.”

It may seem that this is a real miracle tool for a modern girl, saving her time, nerves and money. But gels have both their advantages and disadvantages, which they decided to figure out as detailed as possible.

Acrylic and gel coatings – what is the difference?

Acrylic is a mixture of liquid and powder substances, which dries easily in air and is great for embodying a variety of designs. And also if you are changing the shape of the nail or its length.

Despite the fact that during the procedure you are unlikely to be pleased with the smell emanating from acrylic.

You will be satisfied with the persistence of such a manicure and the possibility of adjusting it is less.

With a gel coating, things are somewhat different. Unfortunately, it is no longer possible to make corrections after drying – here either go as it is or go immediately to removal.

However, he has a huge number of advantages: the absence of unpleasant odors, the resistance to three weeks, the effect of dense nail plates with a beautiful glossy shine.

In general, it is believed that the gel coating is more resistant and flexible than acrylic. But the choice is always yours.

Gels can weaken the nail plate (but in most cases due to improper removal)

Largely due to the fact that the gel coating is very stable, they have already managed to compose more than one myth.

The nail bed and cuticle are the most important areas of the nail. The first is responsible for the nutrition of the nail plate, and the second performs protection.

At the same time, both zones form living tissues, therefore, when removing makeup, especially as dense as a gel, it is important to be as careful as possible.

In no case should you tear off the outgoing parts of the manicure – in such a simple way you will damage the nail plate, and it will not be restored quickly – on average this process takes up to six months.

To remove the gel, it is better to contact the salon or spend it at home using acetone, foil, cotton balls, and nail files.

Alas, experts, alas, also do not advise parting with gel manicure. In their opinion, this can lead to loss of moisture by the nails and thinning of the nail plate. Once every two to three months will be quite enough to allow the nail plate to recover and delight itself with a new version of manicure. The main thing is not to do this without a break, because your nails also need rest!

Moisturizing – Above All

As mentioned above, with a gel manicure, you should thoroughly approach the hydration of nails. Especially the nail bed and cuticle will need it.

In order not to spoil their condition, stock up with special cuticle oil and moisturizing nail cream.

Use them after a manicure and especially intensely during the “rest” period from the coating.

Restoring varnishes that normalize the H 2 O-balance of nails and enrich them with useful nutrients are also excellent.

Gel drying lamp – is it dangerous or not?

Today, it is widely believed that lamps for drying the gel coating are the most controversial part of the procedure.

If it uses ultraviolet light, this negatively affects not only the skin of the hands but also on health in general.

However, most manufacturers and beauty salons have long switched to the production and purchase of so-called LED lamps, which use familiar LEDs to everyone, so there can be no risks.

However, when visiting the salon it is better from the very beginning to ask about the details of the service. Find out all the details regarding the equipment. Caution never hurts.

Avoid hot water

The real evil for gel coating is hot water. Keeping a manicure in it for a long time is the best way to get rid of it. Prolonged bathing in a hot jacuzzi or bath can lead to a rise in the coating. Even when washing dishes, it is better not to forget to wear gloves.

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