How To Say No To Food With Discipline

Figuring out how to say no to food, and learning how to make a conscious and selective approach to food.

We are constantly offered food in meetings, and social gatherings. And if we don’t want to become omnivores, we should be able to answer some “thank you, no” sentences.

How To Say No To Food With Discipline

Let’s start learning this with mindfulness and selectivity in food. Talking about how to politely refuse if you are offered food, but you do not want or cannot eat it.

I am a model, I often attend events, and the hospitable organizing hosts almost always want to feed me. Because of my high growth and strong physique, it always seems to people around that I eat a lot, but this is not so.

I don’t go on diets for the sake of thinness, but I follow the diet to preserve the beauty of the skin. Therefore, I often have to say the phrase “thank you, no” to food, and I can do it so that no one is offended.

The rules of etiquette come to the rescue. Everything in the world is changing, but cheers! – these rules remain the same island of stability, although – what a pity! – they are not teaching that at school. What to do if invited to a social event or a dinner party, should you be selective in your choice of food?

  • Let me offer you a sturgeon?
  • Not! I can’t fish! I’m allergic to her … Yes … Cramps begin.
how to say no to food with discipline

This, of course, cannot be said. Talking about your diseases, allergies, diets, and what kind of storm will happen in your stomach if you eat this rabbit and drink it with this juice is not a good idea.

You hate fish or you are following a strict diet on the advice of a doctor. You got poisoned yesterday or lost your appetite completely on nervous grounds, and they are waiting for you at dinner?

To begin with, think about whether you can completely abandon the trip to the event. Can I do this in advance, no later than two days before the designated date?

If refusal for some reason is not possible, go to dinner, but follow a few rules there.

Flatly refuse to eat impolitely.
  • It is better to have something on the plate from time to time for atwist than to say loudly that today you are a no-no.
During the buffet.
How To Say No To Food With Discipline
  • During the buffet, hold a full glass of water in your hand. So you are not bored, and others see that you are at work.
Avoid gluttons.
How To Say No To Food With Discipline
  • They will definitely advise you to eat something. In extreme cases, if the adviser still catches up with you, crossing your fingers behind your back, lie that you have already tried it.
  • Refuse shortly and benevolently. If you are a vegetarian, and you are persistently offered to eat a chicken, you can politely and quietly say so.
  • In this case, it’s more correct, tactful and safer to say a short “thank you, no” with a smile, instead of the aggressive “I don’t eat meat!” Justifying “I can’t eat it, because …”, or the very bad option “I don’t eat unhappy animals! ”
  • Going into details, you risk listening to the lecture for the hundredth time on the dangers of vegetarianism. And on what useful substances you are depriving yourself (alas, not all people are familiar with the rules of etiquette).
Warn the hosts.
How To Say No To Food With Discipline
  • If you didn’t get to the buffet table, but rather to the dinner party, then most likely you can familiarize yourself with the menu in advance.
  • Find out what you are not allowed to, and before starting serving meals, contact the manager with a request to replace this for you.
Give the right signals.
  • Put a few appetizers on the plate for the look. It is unlikely that someone will closely monitor how the food goes to your mouth and how much you ate. At the same time, food left on the plate, they don’t add it to you yet. Is the waiter serving the table?
  • It’s quite acceptable to give him a sign: put the cutlery in the corner – this means a break in food, horizontally – the food was excellent, vertically – you finished eating.
But at home dinner do not overdo it, pretending to eat.
How To Say No To Food With Discipline
  • Do not arrange on your plate a warehouse of all possible food. A full plate may lead the hostess to the idea that you did not like anything
  • And of course, you should not try to feed the contents of the plate to the owner’s dog or dig it all in a flower pot. Agree, it’s better to learn to say “thank you, no.”
Respect traditions.
  • If you go to a dinner reception abroad, keep in mind that there the situation with the treatment is much more serious.
  • Visiting foreigners is completely impolite to refuse food, because for you, dear overseas guest, the hosts have prepared their best national dishes and are waiting for you to appreciate them.
How To Say No To Food With Discipline
  • So, if you have already arrived, you will have to give up your principles and stock up on pills to improve digestion (unfamiliar food is stress for the stomach).
  • On the other hand, alcohol is another matter, it can not be safely abandoned in any country. The easiest way to indicate a solid “no” is to arrive by car.
How To Say No To Food With Discipline
  • You don’t have to lie, the reason is the most objective. In some countries, it is permissible by law to drink a glass of wine, but if you do so, there is a risk that the hosts of the event will politely pour more and more. Maybe not to start?

And finally, my personal advice. If it’s not a critical health situation when you can’t eat for medical reasons, do not rush to deny yourself a well-prepared dinner.

The warm atmosphere at the table brings together and makes for friendly communication. Quite a bit of delicious food in good company will not spoil your figure, but it will significantly improve your mood. In addition, you can make new, useful and enjoyable acquaintances at a friendly table.

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