Myths And Facts About Stretch Marks

Throughout life, our body undergoes various tests: weight changes, pregnancy, diseases. As a result of some tests, unfortunately, the appearance of our skin changes, crimson stripes may appear, which will gradually turn white. These are stretch marks or striae. Read the article to find out true information about what causes stretch marks, whether they can be eliminated and how to prevent them.

There are several different opinions on the topic of stretch marks.

The appearance of stretch marks is more susceptible to people who are full and during pregnancy. There is a deal of truth in it.

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The cause of stretch marks is the breakdown of collagen (skin fibers). This can be facilitated by an increase in weight, as a result of which there is a Collagen mask – an ambulance for the skin overstretching of the skin fibers, and pregnancy, when the skin is stretched in the abdomen, thighs, which is the main reason for the appearance of striae.

Stretch marks most often appear on dry skin. Dry skin is not the main cause of stretch marks, but it can be a major contributing factor to striae.

Creams for stretch marks are not effective. In fact, creams are effective only for the prevention and prevention of stretch marks. Most often, creams are used during pregnancy or lactation to prevent dry skin. The more actively moisturize the skin in the zones of stretching, the less likely you can expect the appearance of stretch marks. But if there are already stretch marks on the body, then no, even the most magical creams, will help to remove skin tears. Creams can be used for prevention.

The causes of stretch marks  are such factors:

Pregnancy and lactation;

Weight gain;

Hormonal changes in adolescence;

Hormonal imbalance in a woman or man;

Taking hormone-containing drugs – prolonged use of hormonal drugs helps to increase body weight, resulting in stretch marks;

Some hormone-dependent diseases;

Active physical activity in athletes, leading to overstretching of muscle tissue. This problem occurs in men;

Hereditary predisposition to the appearance of stretch marks.

Where do stretch marks appear?

Most often, the anterior and lateral surfaces of the abdomen, the external and internal surfaces of the thighs, and the chest are susceptible to striae. In men who are overly zealous in sports, stretch marks are sometimes observed even on the back.

What does the color of stretch marks mean?

As a rule, fresh stretch marks (up to a year) have a pinker shade (up to crimson). This is due to damage to blood vessels at the time of fiber rupture. Over time, stretch marks grow old and lighten, gradually becoming white.

How to get rid of stretch marks or striae?

Unfortunately, it is impossible to completely get rid of this defect, because skin rupture has already occurred. But you can visually make the stretch smaller and less noticeable. One of the main ways is laser resurfacing. The surface of the skin becomes smoother, stretch marks become less noticeable. In addition, using laser resurfacing stimulates collagen production, which helps to narrow the stretch marks. After the procedures, the skin becomes smoother, the color is more consistent with healthy skin. A good effect can be achieved if this method is used with injection techniques, using special drugs and mesotherapy. Another method is plasma lifting. This is an injection into the thickness of the stretch marks of your own plasma obtained by centrifuging your own blood. This method narrows the stretch marks, evens out the color of the skin.

How to prevent stretch marks?

If there are provocative factors, such as pregnancy, then the very first prevention of stretch marks is moisturizing the skin: the use of moisturizing creams, lotions in a fairly large amount. This will prevent the skin from drying out, it will become more elastic. It is important to use creams containing vitamins A and E, as well as take vitamins of groups A and E inside to maintain balance in a woman’s body. Do not forget about the water regimen – use a sufficient amount of liquid in the form of clean still water from 1.5 liters per day.

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